Me enjoying the swing in the park

Happiness can be found in smallest of actions


A boy who loved me

… if it’s meant to be, things will remain the same. If it’s changed then it’s either for the good or for the good. There is never a change for the bad …..

The two faced woman

  A personal note –  This story is not to hurt anyone or is related with anyone. The story was constructed out of an honour and respect for the men and women who have been through a lot in their lives. This piece is to honour them for their strength, their struggles. The inspiration came…

Heart Beat

The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than hunger for bread – Mother Teresa

Undefining Relationships

Today I am going to write about “Relationships” This word has haunted me all my life. I have never been able to keep a single relationship like others do. When I say relationship, I mean friendship, a relationship with a Boy/Man, one with my siblings or my family. Apparently I could never fulfill their expectations…


She is a woman

The day.

The day when I will listen to the song in my heart once again The day when I will feel the music playing in my mind The day when we will join together under this beautiful trance The day when two souls will meet The day when we will be one The day when the…

My heart’s desire

My heart skipped a beat as I looked him in his eyes I saw a love I had been missing I stood still as he came towards me My eyes closed and a sigh escaped my lips Lips fused Hands entangled A spark that he and me had within  Became a fire that would now…

Act of Love or Act of Sacrifice?

“I am not allowed to make eyebrows” said she “I am not allowed to make friends” said she “I am not allowed to go anywhere alone” said she “My mother braids my hair still” said a 28 year old woman to me “How can you live like this?” asked I “I am used to it”…

A journey to the beyond

Lo the Himalayan range Lo the white washed mighty peaks Encased amongst the sea of clouds A vision I hold A vision I behold  At a height of 3000 ft above the ground I feel someone Calling my name I see something sitting on the mountain top. A glint radiates from it Like a sparkle…