Just a dream

Screenshot_20160223-195503~2.png“Come Back!! It’s getting late” said Mrs.Bhargav on the phone. “In a minute” came the reply. She disconnected the call and looked in a distant at the man who turned the horse he was riding towards the direction of the family picnic. She stood with a smile on her face watching the young man across the lake. He has always been obedient to her and even if she had two kids of her own , this young boy had made a soft corner in her heart from day she had seen him and brought home from the orphanage. He was always as his own child to her. When she saw him cross the lake she turned and walked towards the two young girls. She smiled seeing botht the girls. One being her daughter and another being a friend of her daughter’s. Both the girls were equal to her. This was wat Mrs. Bhargav was,a lady who has only given love to everybody be it family or at work and that is why people have been always loyal and obedient. Her soft voice was always the undoing of the person. though she was soft spoken , but she held a authority which none could deny. Nobody has ever seen her losing her temper. She had a loving doting husband, loving caring children who could do nethng for her. where she was a good homemaker she was also caring towards all around her.Every person who knew her , has always felt loved by her. If its your bday there will b a card from her. If you sick there will be a get well soon card from her. She was like a calm sea, but as they say when tide comes , even the calmest sea is a warning that storm is almost there.

She came to girls and said “Come Girls . Please help me pack”.

Poorvi was already irritated , after having to stand for almost half an hour posing for Palki ,as that friend of hers wantd to make  a potrait of her and gift her in her birthday. She was  ecstatic after listening but what she dint knw that she had to stand in a standstill position for so long and moreover it was her bday today and now when she listened to her mom asking her to help pack she lost her temper and coming out of the elegant pose that she was standing in, she shouted back at her friend, “Palki, are you not done yet? Its been ages since m standing . Isn’t your blast painting done? I don’t want any such gift. Mom see this, i am not coming to help you. I am too tired.”

“Oh! are u still standing?” said Pallki “I was done using  u as a muse 20 mins back, and since you were so quiet, and knwoing that you can’t stay quiet even for a second i thought u already gone”, Palki gave one look at the irritated Poorvi and knew that all hells gonna break loose now”. Listening this, Poorvi walked angrily towards her friend who was intently doing smethng on the canvas and smiling. She is so gonna get it today thought poorvi and was about to latch herself on Palki but stopped short as soon  as she saw the canvas in front of her. All her anger, irritation flew as she saw what was infront of her, She was looking nothing but a blowfish with her mouthed shaped in a ‘o’ closing and opening and eyes blinking. Poorvi was looking  at palki once who was looking at the painting and then at the painting. She came out of her surprise when she heard her mother calling out to her telling her not to be so impatient and disrespectful. She paid no heed to it and called her mother . “MOM! you gotta see this. Come here at once.”.Mrs. Bhargav came towads dem. “What is ..?” said she but couldnt utter  a word when she saw the painting and for the second time Mrs Bhargav was short of words.Palki was now nervous. She thought it was looking like poorvi bt now both Amrita Aunty and Poorvi were just lookign at the painting and sying nthng. She was nw chewing her lips concerned that she may nt have dne justice to the potarait and now she had nthng to gve to poorvi on her 25th Bday. She was on the verge of crying. She was intently staring her both the ladies and asked , “Isnt it….?” she couldnt finish her question as she saw the mother-daughetr duo laughing at her. Seing them laugh, Palki’s hidden tears ready to fall started there path downwards. She said nthng but sobbed quietly.

Mrs. Bhargav saw her and stopped laughing. she spat poorvi on her back and eyed her to stop laughing. Poorvi controlled but ws still giggling.

“Why are u crying dear?” asked a concerned Amrita.” We are sorry dear, we dint mean to make u feel bad.”

” I am sorry, but i thought i would gve a good gft to poorvi and now i have messed it all. I am sorry Poorvi, i dont have nethng for u..”said Palki and sayng dis she started crying again.

Poorvi who was giggling stopped after listening to her stupid friend and coming to her slapped her arm and took her in a hug soothing. Moving apart , Poorvi held Palki’s hands and said “Palli, u moron, i was not laughing at ur painting, i was laughing at ur face. U should have seen ur face, and as far as the painting is cncerned i have nevr seen such a masterpc in my life. No one but u could have made me look soo bful even on the canvas and i should more so than wat i am. This is the best gift i could have got from my best friend on my 25th bday”

“U are lying..(sobbing), its nt good at all.” said Palki.

“U dufus, u would nevr believe me. Mom y dont u put sme sense in this donkey” said Poorvi to her mother earning an eye for using such degrading wrds. She trned to Palki and said calmly.”Palli , look at me.” Palki looked at her.  Amrita continued ,”Beta, this is the most bful potrait i have seen in years, u are so talented and this that u have drawn is nthgn bt a wrk of god herself.” Amrita kissed the hands of Palki and said ” Yeh Haath mujhe dedo Palli”. Listening to dis Palki broke into laughter  and hugged Amrita. ” anythng for u aunty. anything for u” said a happy Palki. ” Chal Pagal, nw stop crying … ” said Amrita, she trned to poorvi and with eyes told her to be nice to her frnd.” I will leave u two alone, come when u grls are dne. I Have packing to do, its gettng late and we shud get going” saying dis Amrita walked away.

She knew Palki meant wen she said “anything for u”. She has nevr seen such a disciplined and graceful girl in her life and as bful too. Palki and poorvi were of the sme age. palki was an orphan but had wrked hard  and earned scholarships all her life, be it school or college.

Poorvi and palki had been friends since 6 years nw and bth were like chalk and cheese. One incomplete without the other. When palki first came to their house she was awestruck with the beauty and simplicity dis grl oozed from her. She had a finnesse which dint come easily to many girls and cominh from a orphanage dis ws smthng Amrita could nevr think of. She had a daughter too but she was nthng cmpared to wat Palki was. Poorvi ws a charming and pretty too but she lcked the grace, the honesty, the inocence and moreover the simplicity. Poorvi was the apple pie of her dad and bro and dey have dne all to spoil her.

Seeing Palki had made her yearn for her more, She respected elders and was talented and intelligent too. She had in few meeting only decided that she would one day make Palki hers. Palki was like her apple pie and from then Amrita had loved the girl just like her own.

Amrita reached where her husband and son were sitting playing chess. dey both greeted her.

She sat down next to her husband only to be pulled by him and kissed. When he came up he said softly ” I missed u”, AMrita was red from head to toe at dis display of love from her husband and was embarrased that it happened before her son. She eyed Kabir, her husband n said ” U r shameless. dis is ur son here.”

Kabir only laughed and went back to the game. Poorav looked up and winked at her and laughed. Dis made amrita smile too, she knew she was lucky to have such a family.

Amrita got up from there and started packing stfs.

” I am going to get it today, son” said a happy kabir to his son.

” i heard that Mr. Bhargav.. dont spoil our son by ur shameless manners” said Amrita who was in earshot dist and knew Kabir said to annoy her more.

Poorav could only smile at their banter. this is how he has always seen his parents. ever so loving and ever so childish. His father was always a loving husband and a dad too, he had nevr stopped them or his mom to do nethng and have showed love to his Mom wenever he could. Though he was a happy go lucky guy at hme, he ws also a disciplined father and hated who disrespected him or his wife or neglected their duties. His business sense had wat made their business reach a level of perfection and brilliance. His father was a billionaire but was equally grounded to his roots. He was a small boy of a potter maker in Rajasthan and he took this as a form of business and now is responsible for making homes of millions in the wrld. He had loved his mother since childhood and had pursued once he had made his own home where he could keep her happy and safe.

Poorav had always wanted to b like his father and wanted to make the one who he loved his and keep her in a safe world.

He came from his thoughts hearing his fathher call out to him,to take his turn. he apologized and bth men went back to playing.

Amrita on the other who was packing raised her head and was watching the grls who were hugging and laughing and playing in the field.

It was her daughter’s bday and she wanted to go for a picnic in greece. She could have asked for nethng but her girl had to ask for smthng like dis. a day in greece with the family. Initially she was appalled at the thought of wasting so much of money for a foolish demand of her, bt when Akair had talked to her, she couldnt refuse to him.

Just when she was thinkng of him, she saw him approcahing the girls holding the horse he was riding by its mane.

Palki and Poorvi were bizi talking when dey were interrupted by the sudden neighing of the horse. both turned to the source of the noise and HIM getthng down from the horse and walking towards them. Bth girls could only just c the greek god coming towards them in the city of greece.

Poorvi was lost in drooling over this man. She had  fallen in love with this greek god 6 yrs back. It started with mere physical attraction, when one day she had seen his toned muscles in the gym where dey used to wrk out and slowly when  she saw the care n affection she was totally mesmerized by this man who evrybdy called Akair. The name itself was god like to her. He was bhai;s frnd but she couldn’t but not  have not so innocent thoughts about thi 27 year old man. She was eyeing every move of his hand, his legs.

Where poorvi was bizi drooling, Palki was just blushing and nervous. she was lookign down at the grass which was mre amusing to her then.

But the man in question showed no emotions on the bful face of his and was simply walking towards dem with his head bent.but when he slightly raised his head and saw wat he wanted to c or more so who he wanted to c, he broke into a small smile. He had been waiting for days to meet her. He was away on a field trip and had wanted to meet her before this trip but she was soo bizi wid the preparations that she refused him and now he was seeing her after like wat 10 days. He was annoyed when he landed in Greece coz 10 days were too mch.Even the small talks at nite had nt dne gud to him. He had been waiting to see her like a love-crazed man and today wen he was here, she was bizi in her own frnds world as if ever dey r away from each oder. All this had annoyed and angered him and he had this gne for a horseback ride to stay calm but nw seeing her brought back all the love and passion and anger in him. and his smile trned back into frown and after glancing one cold look he trned is head back dwn.

Poorvi was stilll drooling oblivious to the change in his facial expressions and was shaken out of it wen she heard him shouting, ” so u finally are dne with gettng urself done. ? you dnt even have time for me. i cme after 10 dayd and all u were doing was standing like a fool for god knws ages.. and did u cme here to do dis? arghh, had u told me i could have dne much better for u” . Poorvi was annoyed at him nw, he just wanted time with her family. Delhi was too crowded and she dint want to hang wid her frnds dis time. and all she wanted was nice cozy picnic but he was accusing her when he knew why she asked wat she asked and wasnt it him who cnvinced all. nd he went away horse back riding. she being short tempered belllowed back ” u insensitive moron. Its my bday n i will do wat i want to. U went away on trip, nt my fault. and u knw y i wanted it. Stop complaining now and shouting at me.”

Acair realised that he shudnt b so rigid after al it was her bday and he cant let his anger on smeone else rule his love for other so he apologized ” i am sorry pooh bear, i was just annoyed at smthng else ” . Poorvi eyed him  showing cncern .he replied ” Just business. I knw why dis trip was so imp for u. C i am soorry. See i got u smthng. Ur bday present. Forgive me.” Poorvi face lightened listening to the word bday gft. She forgot her anger and held out her hand to him.

Acair reached for his pocket and took out a white pony soft toy and handed it to her.

Poorvi saw bt seeing she gt disapointed. She said ” Dats it?oh ! its nice. thanks”. Acair knew poorvi dint mean it. obviusly a tiny pony doft toy could nevr be  a gft for a 25yr old.

Poorvi was still eyeing the gft when she heard him laugh and looked up to knw wat was so amusing to him. He whistled once and  trned her to look at smthng and said “Happy BDay Pooh Bear”. For the second time dat day she was awestruck at the surprises.. First painting and now dis. Dis was wat she had always wanted. A white pony for herself and he had gt it for her. She had told him, she remembers bt he would bring dis was nt she had expected from him. She shrieked so high that Acair was almost deaf. and she threw herself on him and hugged chanting a series of Thanks and i love u so much in the process.

Palki was still standing dere , and who had seen all the cnversation between the two couldn’t stop bt admire the bond that these two share, but inspite of the happiness that she felt for her frnd she also felt sadness coz He was nt talking to her, and was angry at her for all the reasons she had given him and she knew she deserved it but wat was she supposed to do when she knew that her best frnd harbors feelings for the man she is in love with.

She had sensed it a whyl ago and dis realisation had struck her right in the gut. Acair admired poorvi a lot and poorvi was mad for him. Dey have known each oder for long and ts all a family. she was nthng but an outsider and she had no rights to pay back the fam who has dne so much for her in this way, so she had after a lot of fighting with her inner self had decided to stop showing ne feelings towards him. its nt that he has confessed love or she has promised to him. Yes dey had a attractiona nd pull which was nt just carnal bt divinal too bt nthng has been said. Once or twice he had kissed her on her cheeks but nthng mre than that , so she has to distance herself from him and end all dis. she has already started the process too by applying abroad to pursue her art and dis way she will b away from them , away from him. Thinkng dis brought back all the tears had she had inside her. She had been fightin wid her since day one she realised ab poorvi’s feelings. Smetimes she wanted to tell him and tell him all dat he was just hers and no one else’s and be in his arms forver and smetimes she would succumb to her obligations towars poorvi and her family.

She also questioned that dis can b one sided too only from poorvi’s side but wen she had observed them she had seen an undeniable love in him for his pooh bear and she knew that mayb just mayb coz she is dere acair is gettng distracted and so she had taken dis sgtep of mving away from dem forever.

She trned from the scene of the happy couple infnt of them and trned to go to where her painting ws and kept staring at it for long but her eyes were distant and aloof and pain was edged on them wid bold letters.

She had always been cursed when it came to love. Her parents died and she nevr gt parental love until few years back. She loves a man but cant tell him and now all will b lost to her again. More tears came from them.

While she was cryng she was oblivious to the figure walking behind towards her and only wen he whispered “Hey” in her ears that she understood that she was nt alone and nw he was here right there.

Acair who was bizi with Poorvi had nt once missed any emotion on Palki’s face and d way she trned . SHe was sad. He kicked himself mentally for doing this to her and ignoring like dis. After smetime he let poorvi go to her mom and he walked to palki.

She ws staring at smthng, he knew it ws nt the canvas bt smthng distant.He cudn’t place his finger on it.

He said ” hey” and he knew she had stiffened a bit and calmed again but stil had nt looked at him.

He saw the painting and all he said was “beautiful”. She trned to look at him but what he saw in her eyes had just like taken his breath away and he knew smthng was terribly wrng. He knew she was cryng and all he cud cme out wid was dat she was cryng coz of him and he cursed himself for doing so to her.. His Palki. and when he heard her say what she said it was cnfirmed that how foolishly he is behavng and hw childish he was acting with her. He wanted to hug her and wud have but dn poorvi came there and took him away.

Palki knew that beautiful was nt for the painting bt for her. She dint want to look bt still wwanted to look at this man once. Dere eyes met and she could see anger in them, and dn sme mre and dn softness and love all at once.and all she cud utter was ” I am sorry Acair”. she waited for him to say smthng, nethng  and take her in his arms. She needed him nw mre dan nethng and neone else but as soon as he stepped fwd he was pulled away by poorvi and she was left all alone and she realised that this is how her life gonna be. alone. away from Him..its always gonna be just a dream..


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  1. Soumini Ghosh says:

    thoroughly enjoyed reading this.. . got absolutely emotionally connected to the story..


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