Getting acknowledged

IMG_20160711_135149~2.jpgHave  you ever felt lonely in a crowd..?

Have you ever felt like you are not acknowledged in a conversation..?

Have things ever been that you feel “hey people’s perception of you and your views is so wrong” ?

It’s kind of humiliating that people choose to judge you just because you hold a  different point of view than theirs and instead of understanding and acknowledging it you r being pointed out as one of not their clan /league or something that you not..

No one wants to be alone, everyone wants to be a part of the herd but with the expectation that the herd accepts each other without judging what if one persons opinion or view differs.. Can’t that one person demand or expect understanding, support from a anyone?

Or is it always going to be like “oh! lets not talk to you about it. you are way out of our league. U don’t belong amongst us anyways” or “hey u r so different than us” or “I guess we don’t expect you to do all this” or “hey lets not talk to u because you will  only fight”,”hey lets give u some sense”?

Ain’t it important than instead of providing sense, we should understand and acknowledge each others opinions and presence and not say something painful.

Cant one person be understood at all?

Cant one expect support at all?

do we all have to be so conventional?

What if one person is but in some ways and in some ways not. Does that make a person less likeable?

One does not cut out that person saying “Oh.. he he he.. she is just no where like us..”

all fingers are not the same. None have the same strength and none have same work functionality.

Does that mean we stop keeping is use or remove or just cut off?

u cant judge anyone like dis

everyone has one or the other opinion about life.

do we have to curb them because people think differently than others so that we can b like them?

is there no place for people who think different and wants different?

does that make anyone wrong?

y does that one person has to fight every time and hear all the crap people throw at them?

cant ones opinion be respected anymore?

Have anyone felt like one so want to b in the conversation but then u also know if u open your mouth u will be thrown a block of your own thoughts which have successfully been misunderstood or ignored or misconstrued right back at your face?

and then u decide its better to be quiet but does it not feel suffocating to just know that u have just u to talk to and walls and that u cant shout or show anger and that u have to put  a happy brave face and smile along because u know if u cry or shout people will again ignore u and not give two hoots about it.

U will b left guilty, hurt and ignored.

How long can u put a brave front? Does not it starts to feel at a point useless and all fake?

Have u also felt being unwanted all the times.

Does not matter where u r, how u feeling, how is everything for one n all u end up is write a secret journal.

Have u ever felt so emotionally drained that u have no drop of tear when people make u live like an outlaw but at nites sometimes all u can think is about the days of hurt and pain and all u do is cry and when u don’t know how to ease that pain. All u want to do is run away as far so that nobody can hurt u anymore any day. Sp that u don’t feel bad about not getting acknowledged at all.


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