For you a thousand times over.. My reflections on Kite Runner

Screenshot_20160815-150027~2.pngWould Amir had uttered those words to Sohrab if he had not known that he was his half brothers son.. His blood .. His nephew.?

Would Amir have ever brought him back to San Francisco with him?

Would be have saved sohrab from Assef.. Gone thru all the trouble?

I sit now alone n think about these words that khaled hosseini wrote in kite runner.. These few words moved the inner me.. They made me smile n made me cry.. They made me realise about devotion of one on another.

It made me think.. Will I ever say those words n mean it fully like Hasan did that day.. Like Amir did that Farid did in the hospital?

Will I ever dedicate my life to one person n one person alone?
Will it be a bondage or a free will?
Or will free will turn into a bondage?

Are all those who said these words or will say ,Hasan?

And are all dose who hear them, Amir?

The words are simple but yet it carries with it a trust.. A sense of honour..respect.. And deep love.

Will I a 21st century girl ever fall in a love so deep that it will make me utter these words? N if n when I do speak them will they be listened.. Heard n valued?

Who in this world knows about love, about dedication anymore?
The world thinks only about oneself.. About its pain.. About its happiness.. Oneself and oneself only.

Do I see others happiness too I ask myself?
Do I not get jealous of others happiness too?
Am I not an Amir too?
Are we all not Amir?
So where is our Hasan? Our salvation
. the one who will teach us to say these words .. The one who will fill us with so much love that we will feel happy for everyone around. The one who will teach us that there is always a way to be good again.. The one who will b for us , a face of humanity..

Or do we have them n we are unable to see.?
The person is there looking straight into our eyes and yet we are too blind to see the love in the eyes.. We are too deaf to hear the words ” for u a thousand times over…”


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