Tum kehti ho.. Wapas kardo

Screenshot_20160316-142012~2.png“Come back in the car,  Anu. Where r u going?Anu.. Anu.. Please.”
“Oh! Kabir, stop whining, it feels so nice, the rain falling on my face, it feels like heaven is showering blessings on me. I can stay here forever. I love rain.”

“God, woman you will get sick and sneeze all day. I wont tolerate it… Come back now!!”

“Why are you getting cranky? I have you if I get sick. Don’t I?”

“I wont care for u if you do fall sick.. Now, now don’t pout, not those puppy eye looks.. Oh save me god from this woman. Fine stay, I will fall sick along with you”

“Ha Ha Ha, don’t hold me like this, everyone is watching.”

“Let them, you are my wife. I can hold you anyways I want to.”

“And now we are dancing. Kabir stop swaying or else…”

“Else what?”


“Stop Tickling, no not the tickle.. Stop it.Stop it .Ha Ha.. Stop Anu..”


Kabir wakes up, he was reaching out to void. The room was pitch dark. He had fallen asleep on a chair. His half emptied drink was kept on the side table. He looks around, clears his vision, reaches for his drink and takes a sip. The hard drink burns his throat but he rests his head back on the chair. He was dreaming again about her, about his wife.

His wife Anu has left him. The home, their home is all silent and empty without her. He had drove her away. He had doubted her of adultery and now she was gone. It has been 1 year now and yet the memories are fresh. They are not divorced but he does not know where to find her.

“Tum kehti ho..
mere khat mujhko..
wapas kar doo ..
wapas kar doo.
bheegi shamein..
khushbu yaadein ..
saari baatein..
tum kehti ho ..
wapas kar dooo..”

“Whom do you love more? These books or me Anu?

“Books, any day books. They say so much to me.”

“I say so much to you like ‘you are the world to me, you r the most beautiful woman in the world’. See , the books never tell you these. Do they?”

“Books don’t lie to me. That’s why I love them more. They tell me what is the truth”

“You think I lie to you?”

“MMM HMMMM. Ha Ha Ha.. But I love the lies too, when am bored of the truth and that is why I keep you with me, and in my books”

“What do you mean?”

“See this ,, Remember the first flower you gave me when we came to this house. I have kept it right here, in the book.. Its like a bookmark. So you see I love books more.”

“You are a very clever woman. Come here, I want to kiss you now desperately”

“Ha Ha Ha, let me read Kabir. Don’t disturb. No Not the book, don’t throw it away. Kabiiiirrrrr”

Kabir was smiling as he kept the dried petal back in the book. Another year has passed by, Kabir is moving out of town, while packing he came around Anu’s stuffs. Her books, Her pictures, their pictures, gifts he has given her. Everything he saw reminded him of her, of times they had shared when they were together.

She had left them all behind, taken nothing, left all behind to remind him of what they had, what they could have had before he destroyed it all. Kabir closed his eyes, and opened it again, He took a deep breath, she was still there.. He could still see her. She was here in this house. He cant live more without her in the same house. He dropped the book in the box along with some other belongings of her. That was all he would take away. Rest he would leave behind. He would take only her, only them.

“kuch sukhey phool..
kitabo mein..
ik chehra hai..
mere khaabon mein.
kuch tohfey hai..
tasveerain hain..
mere daman mai..
yehi cheezain hain.
jo tanhai..
ki saathi hain..
saari yaadein ..
tum kehti ho..
wapas kar do..
Wapas kar doo..
mere khat mujh ko..
tum kehti ho..
wapas kar do.”

“Do you agree to divorce Mr. Kabir Kapoor , Mrs. Anuradha?”

“Yes I do. Do you wish to claim anything against him?”

“No, I do not claim anything”

“Do you wish to charge any allegations against him?”

“No, I do not wish to charge anything. He had never misbehaved with me during the time we stayed together. whatever time we had they were happy and good times. So no, I do not blame him for anything.”

“Fine. Please sign here. Thank You.”

“Now, Mr. Kabir Kapoor do you agree to divorce Mrs. Anuradha Kapoor?”

“No, I don’t agree on it”

“Then why are we going ahead with the proceedings Mr. Kabir?”

“Because that was the way I got to get to see her, meet her again. I still love her. I want her back. I want you back Anu. Please look at me Anu, I want you back. I love you.”

“I don’t love you back Kabir. We are done”

“Please Anu, don’t say this. I beg you. Three years you were away from me, three yrs I did not know where to find you. Me, my home have all been empty without you. Today I finally get to see you, I have you here and I wont let you go away again. Please Anu, I beg you look at me. Listen to me. Give me another chance”

“Stop it. You accused me of cheating you. You thought I was sleeping around with another man. After all the years we have been with each other. You demeaned me. I don’t love you anymore. I don’t want you back and you surely don’t want me back too. Let’s finish this and get moving along in our lives.”

“Please Anu…”

“What are you doing Kabir? Stop touching my feet. Stop it Kabir.”

“Mr. Kabir, please maintain the decorum of the court. Behave yourself. Please get up and take a seat. Thank you! ”

“I don’t want this divorce Sir. I do not agree.”

“Fine, what do you wish to say Mrs. Anuradha?”

“I think this is stupidity. We have not been living with each other for three years now. We are already divorced but I need the legal document to go out of the country Sir. I request him to grant me the wish.”

“Mr. Kabir?”

“I do not grant. I do not wish anything of this sort.”

“Fine, we will reach a middle path. For next three months I want you people to stay together and if still after three months Mrs. Anuradha wishes to divorce you, you will be obliged to grant the wish.”

“But Sir..”


“No buts Mrs. Anuradha. This is the final decision of the court. You can have your wish if you still want to after three months. Court is dismissed.. You May leave..Next.”

Kabir rose with a smile, while Anu left the room with in anger. He walked out of the room with the thought of how he will never let her go away ever again. They will once again have each other. Anu was back in his life. He will make sure he will not repeat the mistake ever again. He will keep all his promises. he will be there for her in happiness , in sadness, until death do the apart.

He will revive all that they had. With this determination Kabir left the court with Anu for the beginning of his, their new life, new chapter.

“khushiyan saari
vo gum saari..
waade kasme..
mausam saare
jo sath bahe..
woh sab aansu..
beete lamhon..
ke sab jugnu.
jo tanhai ..
ki saathi hai ..
Saari yaadain ..
tum kehti ho..
wapas kar do.. Mere khat mujhko..hmmm…wapas kardo..”

“Life was not all ashes, yet it was squandered spreading ash. How could I have described the hardships I suffered trying to get to you? The passing years kept longing for better times. The times were such that I passed away bearing with your whims”


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