IMG_20160612_185837.jpgToday I realized that I don’t care about how I look in front of people. What I want is to be comfortable in my own skin. We think a lot of how people judge us by the way we dress up and we forget to be comfortable. Is it not important that we have to look tall everyday, heels kill the feet. I prefer looking like a dwarf because at the end of day in my slippers I can trek the world. In office people wear formals but they are such a pain in the ass. We get through so much of trouble to be that prim and proper person in front of the officials we spend the whole day but does our appearance hide what we really are inside? Someday the real self comes out. We pretend everyday to be someone we are not and one day the bubble bursts. Why pretend when we can be ourselves everyday, when we can laugh, smile, cry, flirt, be bad mouthed everyday. People judge you but at the end of the day what matters is how well you have done your work. At the end of the road people will stick to us for our nature not for what we wear. Spending on clothes, shoes, wearable are important but one has a whole expanse of life and vocations one can spend on. Learn new things by saving that penny we spend on clothes which anyways we have a lot. Trends change and with that the wardrobe changes and with that the bank balance, but what have we learned? Having a education is so important. We hesitate spending on books, on articles, on sites which gives us subscriptions which is not lot. But we do not hesitate spending money on clothes. Thousands of hard earned money. A 99 book is the most expensive buy but a 8k bag is not. World is going in a black hole, no one knows what to expect next day, what hits us next second. There is so much out there yet to explore, and here we are simply spending money on clothes. Out there the retailers are smart, they understand the mind of people. There are million brands, million companies and everyday we want a new thing. Our shopping carts are always full,  save lists are always updating. Its a new status symbol and all this to show people you are one of them or maybe ahead. I maybe biased here in writing this  and maybe double standards too because someday even I get this greed of getting expensive things, even I want to live a life of luxury but inside me I know I can achieve it even if I am wearing shabby clothes, because luxury is being comfortable, being happy, being able to be what we are. I do not want to own everything and not have happiness.

What I have is more than enough for me. I want the basics in life, a house, a car, a family, clothes, utensils, food, electric appliances, everything that will let me lead a normal life. For happiness I don’t need to have a Ferrari, or a pent house or a dolce gabana in my wardrobe. For happiness I need is that I can take that car out on a drive without worrying about getting hit or drive safely so as not to scratch my car, I need a home which I can decorate on my own with things I either make or buy, a house which I can make my home, simple enough to raise myself and my children without worrying whether my child will dirty the walls or break some expensive vase or of getting robbed. I need a kitchen where I want to make dishes for my husband and children, where my whole family can sit and touch each other, where they fight for a spot on the table not a kitchen which is full of expensive utensils which I don’t even know how to operate or with a huge dining room and a dining table where everyone is sitting far far away. People tell me that all this shows the time of a human being, I question them that will a house, a small car, happy family predict anything else? People say they are far sighted, they want big things, big future but people forget to mention that they want a happy big future. A future where we can raise kids happily, provide them education, give them a dream for their future, a happy future.


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