How they met


Kabir & Anuradha – the story

How life changes for two strangers.

The story of how they met, how perfect their relationship was.

This story talks only about their love, their love for life and love for each other.

How fate played a bful game and got them together. A story that will make u believe in miracles, in love and in the power that love can generate.

How they met : some people meet, when a girl trips and a guy who is just walking by is the one who saves her, some people meet through friends’ friends, some people meet in library, some in parties, in theatres.

Kabir and Anuradha met in college. Ya very common u will say. But let’s see how they met.

Like always Kabir and Anuradha came to college. It was just the beginning of the semester. Freshers auditions were around. Like every time the seniors came to the classes and asked girls and boys to get up on the podium and talk about themselves.

Everyone was getting up and talking, of which Kabir was no exception

Before we go down this, let’s see how Kabir looks like.

Kabir was a lanky guy, with tuft of very black hair on his head. He is 5ft 8inches tall. He is a handsome man with a cleft on his lips, a crookedness to his smile and a chipped tooth. He had a crooked nose which he acquired due to an accident in the childhood. His face then was lean and pimply. He was just a 18 year old guy, and even 10 years later he is just the same guy to Anuradha.
When asked Anuradha, she was smiling and said that she never felt not attracted to him. According to her, she doesn’t know what she saw or what quality she got attracted to but it was just as if she was taken to him. Kabir just sits next to her and smiles. He is blushing. I have never seen any man blush so much.

Now back to the story

So, Kabir now walked to the podium and started speaking, but all that came out was a series of stammering. It was embarrassing for him, he was nervous like hell, he was scared, he was embarrassed, he felt humiliated. Everyone was laughing at him, his friends and everyone in the class too, he had tears in his eyes, he was like a fearful child and yet he was trying to maintain his calm by not spilling tears. He needed someone to just take him away, he wanted to run away. It was like his demons are chasing after him. He was angry at all for not understanding him.

But there was one person who did not laugh, she did not judge him, she was angry at others that they were so mean, she wanted to reach out to him, ya u bet that was Anuradha the heroine of this story.

When ask Kabir about it, he says, she is the heroine of the story and his life and always will be.

Anuradha sat back waiting her turn when she heard him stammer and then saw his face, he was looking helpless. She wanted to reach out and talk to him, she felt like he will talk to her. The emotions were not of pity but simply as if she wanted to hold him and tell him, its OK. All is fine. Her emotions as if we’re jumping to go to him and comfort him.

The auditions were complete. Every one had spoken their part. That was the time Anuradha took the courage and went up to him. He was laughing with his friends.
She went up and said “hi, I am Anuradha”

“Kabir” said he.

“Are you fine?” Asked Anuradha

“Yes” said Kabir with a smile on his face.

“Don’t worry about what others say, it’s OK, you were just nervous” said Anuradha.

“I had an accident when I was a kid and since then” said Kabir with a shrug.

Anuradha could say nothing except for an OK.

(This conversation was as relayed by the couple to me.)

After that they talked a bit and they were still talking when they walked till the gate of the university they studied in talking. They became friends that day

Anuradha tells that she asked him, whether he would like to be friends with her. That was the start of a great love story.

So you see, it’s not common how they met. It just sort of happened, who would have known that she would be drawn to him for the flaw he had, who would have known that she will be loving that flaw of his, who would have known that the very problem of his made her fall in love with him, and who would have known that she is married to that stammering man and is happy with him.

This is a miracle that how strangers meet, how they get drawn to them for any reason.  People say we all get attracted to each other, attraction is not just by looks, or by good clothes, but attraction of two people who know they can understand. Kabir was not the usual type who Anuradha liked. Anuradha was not the type Kabir liked, but they met, they got drawn to each other only to be forever.

The date was 6th Sep 2006, that’s what Kabir says to Anuradha and they still celebrate every year.

According to Anuradha , she is grateful to Kabir that he stammered and that he stammers.

According to Kabir , he is grateful to Anuradha that she came and talked to him and asked him if he was fine or not. That  gesture had touched his heart.

They are madly in love with each other.

This is their real life story.

Wanting to know more?

Then let’s get more.

Shraddha – polka dots of thoughts


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  1. themeilinliu says:

    A relishing story. It does take me back to my teenage days. Both the characters, Shraddha and Pranay are very different from each other yet are so in love. I guess, laws of physics does apply in love.
    Can’t wait to find out that what happens next.


  2. themeilinliu says:

    Reblogged this on themeilinliu and commented:
    My favourite girl’s blog


  3. Soumini says:

    So sweet! Looking forward to what happens next 🙂


    1. palki88 says:

      There are four. You can go to and check the rest


  4. Inderpal says:

    Heart touching

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