A Rainy Day


Tringggg Tringggg rang the cell phone.
Tringggg Tringggg it continuously rang.

“Why can’t he pick the phone up” muttered Anuradha after the phone operator uttered the first words.

She rang again and again and yet no response.

She was now panicking, her anger gone.

It was raining heavily today and Kabir had taken his bike of all the days because she needed the car.

“Why could I not have taken the taxi?” Berated Anuradha to herself
“And why can’t he just pick up the god damn phone. Where are you Kabir?”
Silently shouting inside her head

It was 9.00 pm by the clock, she observed. I better set the heater on, he is bound to get all wet.

Anuradha went around doing her chores after fixing the bathroom for him. She had made malai kofta and gulab jamun for him today. He loved eating both in a rainy day.
She was home early today and when the first thunder struck, she knew what she will be making for dinner today.
Looking at the pot of curry, she smiled as she imagined his face of delight at seeing his favorite dishes.

While she was dreaming, the clock in the hall struck 10.00 pm, making her smile vanish and bringing a frown on her face.
She wiped her hands in her apron and picked her phone to call her husband, the cell rang again but no one picked up again. Tears had began to form in her eyes when the door bell rang the love story song.
Immediately she sprang towards it and pulled it open to find a very wet but smiling Kabir on the door.
Seeing him there made her forget all the profanities she was about to utter as relief spread through her veins.
She let him in with an expression less face as she sent her gods all sorts of thank yous for bringing him safe in this rain to her.

Closing the door behind him, Kabir stared at his wife. Oh the face, he knew he scared her, he knew the phone was ringing and it was her but in the hurry to come home he did not stop anywhere to pick her calls. It was raining cats and dogs today, but he also knew that he would have reached a bit early had it not been for the fact that he stopped at a sweet shop to get jalebis for her which she loved eating in a rainy day. He had quickly taken the piping hot ones and had rushed home, but seeing her face he knew, the jalebis would only make her more mad at him. Oh boy thought he as he removed his shoes, keys and tie, he was in for a long lecture, unless…

Before he could do what he intended to, Anuradha spoke.
“Heater is on, your clothes are set in the bathroom, please go and wash yourself or you will catch a cold. I will make chapatis, dinner is ready”
Saying so, she walked away to the kitchen leaving Kabir with nothing but to obey the instructions his wife left.

Kabir tip toed towards his room so as not to make a puddle on the way. Entering the shower cubicle, he saw all the necessary stuffs he would need and thanked God for giving him such a caring wife. “What would I do without you my love?” Said he to himself.

The water was perfect as he washed himself, even that she saw, that the first shower water was not cold for him. Happily he took a shower under the hot water and sang songs.

While he was showering and singing aloud which she could hear even in the kitchen. “He has again not closed the bathroom door. What will I do with this man?” Muttered Anuradha under her breath. She was angry, scared and worried at the same time, but she did not realise that she was singing the songs that came from the shower.

The last chapati was almost done when she heard her pet name being called again and again.
“Anu, Anu, Anu” cried Kabir.
“Stop shouting” said Anuradha “I am here only”
“Where?” Asked Kabir, “I can’t see you” said he standing in front of her.
“You can’t see me?” Asked Anuradha.
“No, I cant. Come closer.” Said Kabir.
“You should show to the doctor, he will examine you properly” said Anuradha before she turned back and was about to walk away to the kitchen when she was caught and whirled by her husband. She was now pulled against him, his arms around her waist and other on her neck when he pulled her close and watched her face for few seconds before bringing his face down to touch his lips with her.

She shuddered as his lips met hers for all at once she knew he was here, with her. Her hands which were on her sides went around his neck to draw him closer to deepen the kiss.

They dueled in their mouths, one was  punishing, seeking making sure he knew how much he meant to her, making sure he was here while other was providing answers, telling her he was fine and all hers, safe in her arms.

They broke the kiss only because they were breathless and needed air.
They were breathing hard now, their foreheads touched, his arms were on her cheeks caressing them with his thumb. The only sound they heard was their labored breathing.
“Now I see you, the real you, all emotions on your face” said Kabir.
Anuradha closed her eyes and hugged him tight and murmured “I was scared”
“I know, I just drove so that I reach home fast. I had taken jalebis and had not wanted them to get hot” said he while stroking her hair.
“You got jalebis?” Asked a surprised Anuradha.
“Yes. You like them, don’t you on a rainy day?” Said Kabir.
“Yes. I do. I made gulab jamuns for u as u like having them in rainy day” said Anuradha looking at his face which was full of delight and eyes filled with love for her.
This was all she wanted, his love for her and only her.
They kissed again, this time telling each other the love they had for each other, before they sat for dinner and talked about each others day.

This was them, Anuradha and Kabir.
They lived for each other.
They thought only for each other.
For him, it was her needs, her likes, her dislikes, her happiness and for her, it was his safety, his happiness, his likes that came first to everything.

They were each others question and each others answer.

They were each others comfort and each others safety net.

They make me fall in love and be in love.

**This narration is as narrated to me by the couple themselves.

It was raining today and so I took a leap in future and wrote this one sweet rainy day Incident. Even while writing I was smiling all the time and remembered the look I saw in their face while they remembered it too.
I am sure they had many such rainy days but this was special.
Enjoy reading until next time.

Signing off with a smile.


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