A Christmas Gift

Screenshot_20160317-153508~2.pngMerry Christmas and a happy new year to all my readers

This post is rather late but nonetheless it is worth.

I got a letter from my star couple a few days ago and this time it was from the man himself, who started believing in Santa Claus since the Christmas, he got the best gift of his life.

So, from the man himself, I write this.

Enjoy every one. May you all have a great year ahead and may God wish all of you all the happiness you are meant to have.


It was Christmas eve, and as usual Anuradha was extra excited about it. I never got what was she liked in Christmas so much. She was a kid to believe in Santa Claus. Every year she would get all excited about the fact that Christmas is coming. This is our third Christmas together as a man and wife.

The other two times I went along with her whims about the tree, the socks, the cookies, the gifts just because it always brought that happy face on her and that’s what mattered the most. I would be wrong if I forget to mention this, but every Christmas eve, she makes our love making more special and I guess the best ever, so I think she adds that extra incentive for me to look forward to Christmas as well.

I love my woman and everything about her and like always I was looking forward to this Christmas and its after math until I got a text from her saying she will be away for the eve as she has to stay at office for some urgent work.

I was disappointed, sad and angry at the ungodly hours she would be working at office instead of enjoying her favorite day.

I knew I texted her back saying “okay, be careful and don’t exert. I am leaving for home. Will call once there. Love you princess”

After that I was like a robot, knowing that an empty home will be what I will see with no one to fuss over the tree, decorations, the gifts, the food for santa. I had not realized until then that, I also like this tradition she followed.

It was 10 when I reached home. I opened it with my keys which I rarely use as she is always there to greet me with her smile. Oh I remember how terrible I felt without all of this. I realized and silently bowed that I will cherish her more and her nuances because I loved every bit of them, my life is empty without her and her small antics.

I remember opening the door and switching on the lights, when I was treated with the most beautiful sight and most beautiful sound. The sight was of my wife in a santa Claus suit and voice of her in her most masculine voice, saying HO HO HO and shaking her belly.

To say, I was stunned would be an understatement. In few seconds I was shocked, surprised, amused at her appearance of a red santa suit with all the white beard and then scared for I realised she was standing on a high table

She is scared of heights was what went in my head immediately as I rushed to hold the table for her.

“Why are you standing on this table Anu?”
“I wanted to wish you Merry Christmas, and since Santa Claus is a very tall guy and I am not, so for the effect, you know but I am scared now”

I just looked at her dumbfounded at her reasoning and only when she said she is scared was when I came out of my reverie.
I quickly held her hand and asked her to sit on the table which she did reluctantly. Seeing the fear on her face made me want to strangle her for being such a kid all the time and not thinking before doing anything, but then when she smiled at me when she sat down with her pillow belly like she was pregnant.

I just stared at her, imagining her carrying our child, looking this fragile and content with a smile on her face.

This made my head fill with ideas and I got to planning as to how to coax the child like wife of mine to have a child of her own.

Her voice brought me back to reality.

“Merry Christmas Kabir” said she with her open arms wanting a hug. I happily went into them hugging her, and also calming my nerves seeing her perched on that table. I felt her hands tightening around me, telling me she was still scared. I soothed her hair reassuring her silently that she was fine now.

She broke the hug and presented me with her brave smile. I remember I wanted to make love to her then and there but I only settled for a kiss for today was Christmas eve and many things and traditions left which I knew she would want to go through before I could get her in my arms.

I helped her down the table and then looked at her santa appearance again.

I then realized that I had kissed her with all the beard and get up, I laughed aloud as this struck me.

‘Why are you laughing? ” enquired Anuradha.
I kept laughing for a while and she kept asking me the same question smiling at my laughter.
When I stopped laughing, I looked at her, and taking her arms I free her near and said that “I could never have imagined that I would be kissing Mr Santa Claus or you my wife with all the beard on your face.” And I laughed again.

She blushed with embarrassment and tried moving away from my arms. She was pouting.
“You were not supposed to kiss me, you ruined my whole surprise. Let go of me, I don’t want to be laughed at.” Said she

My arms tightening more.
“Let go of me Kabir.”
I simply shook my head to a negative.
“You are the most adorable creature I have ever be held Anu.” Said I before kissing her pink nose.

She smiled at me before we broke our hug.
After that she was back to being her happy self where she made me go change.
All the time she was in her santa suit

When I came back she had set the whole table with dishes which we both liked and a big came right at the center.

She simply said “you are getting the honour to dine with santa Claus this Christmas as you have been so good this year, in fact the best, so santa has honoured you with this experience. Please sit and enjoy”

And yes I did dine and wine with santa Claus that eve but that was not all.

Night was not over and not did the magic of Christmas .. The next few moments made me believe in the magic myself.

The clock had struck 12 when I was asked to sit down. She vanished in the room and came back with a huge sack , the one which you see santa having which is supposed to be full of gifts.

She stood in front of me and looked at the milk and cookies which she had kept just before making me sit.

“I see, that you have kept cookies and milk for me like always, I am happy, so now your gift” said she

I was simply enjoying her dramatics and imagining stripping her of the suit layer by layer after all this was over, doing things to her and coaxing her for preparing herself for a baby. The idea was totally hooked in my head now. I was hoping that next Christmas she will not needing the pillow to make the belly but have her own heavily pregnant state to fill the requirements.

Again I was brought to reality by her when she presented a small box in front of me. It was rectangle in shape wrapped with a gift paper and a ribbon.

I looked at it thinking what might it be.
I knew all the gifts she had got for me, but this was something new, her gifts are never this small. I groaned thinking she must have got some thing from Jewel store which he was unaware of.

I took it from her hand and looked at her, she was nervous. My doubts were right. It was an expensive gift. She knew I will berate her for having got such for me.
“What is it?” I asked
“Open it’ said she still nervous.
“I tell you not to bring expensive gifts” said I.
“Please open it” said she.

I did what she told me, carefully stripping the ribbon and wrapping paper.
It was a jewelry box. I opened it and there was a paper in it. When I picked it up, there was a small odd looking stick underneath it. I was confused, for it did not look like a piece of Jewelry. I looked at her, she was still nervous and was now chewing her lips like she always did when thinking.
“Read the note” said she softly.
I did.
The note was
“No platinum, no gold, no diamonds for you, but something more precious for you and for me.”

I read the note twice and thrice and then looked at the stick again but was clueless.
Then it was the fourth time when I saw the purple lines on the stick was when it struck me.

She was pregnant. My wife was pregnant with our child.

Hundreds feelings rushed in me. I knew my soul was moving and jumping but I was still. I simply sat on the sofa and stared at the stick and the note but I knew I was not seeing anything. I was simply staring and only one thought came in my mind that magic of Christmas exist and so does Santa Claus.

I was going out of my mind.

It was when she touched me shoulder was when I realised she was there.
I looked up watching her with a face, which I don’t know what was on it because I saw her crying. I know I was happy inside but nothing came on my face I was sure for she was now crying and looked sad.
I remember she said “I am sorry, i know we had not planned it but I think we missed using a condom last time and I forgot to take my pills. I really did not mean to get pregnant but I want to have this baby Kabir.” She kept on rattling like a robot between her sobs.

I was not registering anything unless she said again “I am sorry”.
It was a day of realizations for me as I realized that she thought I was angry or did not want our baby and that I was not happy. Oh what a fool I was.
I immediately sprang up and went to her, stopping her tirades with a kiss. I deepened the kiss when I know she was shocked, for I was too overwhelmed myself to say anything. I wanted my kiss to tell her everything and so I poured all of my love, happiness in that kiss. I knew it was working as I felt her relax against me. We came up for breath when she looked at me and said ” we are pregnant Kabir, we are going to have a baby of our own”
“Yes, yes. My baby is going to have a baby. This is the most precious gift you could have given me my love.”
“I did not know whether you wanted a child or not, we had not talked about it. It was not planned”
“Best things comes when its unplanned and I dont think you would have stayed non pregnant for long because seeing you in the santa suit with a belly made me wish that you carry our baby. I was planning to get you pregnant today only, maybe I just had to think and it happened.”
“Really?” Said she.
“Yes, I guess it’s the magic of Christmas and I think I was really the best kid this year for santa gave me what I had only just wished. Thank you Santa Claus”
Saying this I kissed her nose again.

“Merry Christmas Kabir”
“Merry Christmas Anu”

We hugged each other and stared at the Christmas tree which I knew was shining more this year.
I thanked God and Santa Claus again.
The night was magical that Christmas so was our love making (wink)

Thus Christmas became special to me, I am now as mad about Christmas as my wife and we have passed on this to our kids as well.

I hope this story gives everyone the belief to believe in something that may not be visible to us now but still exists because our faith gives us the power to make it a reality.

The love me and my wife have for each made all possible for us. May love encompasses all of us the same way.

My special thanks to the sweet writer who made this all possible, for making our story known to the world.

A very happy new year and a merry Christmas to all.


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