Ask for help – my brother gave me hope

Screenshot_20160515-233647~2Ask for help
In angels of abundance its important to ask for help. Unless you ask, No one not even God can help you because of the law of free will which respect your choice to choose your life’s path. God and Angels can’t intervene without your permission this means that you must ask for what you want.
Whatever help you need god & angels are always supportive. No undertaking is too big or small for them to give you loving guidance and support you simply need to turn to them for assistance.
Sometimes people ask why they should talk to angels when god is easily accessible the answer is God and the angels Are One there is no separation between them. The word Angel means messengers of God Think Of Angels as thought form from the creator. When you talk  and listen to God you are sending and receiving angels.
Asking the angels for help can take many different forms which are entirely dependent upon you and your beliefs. Angels are unlimited and unconditionally loving. They are mediators and Messengers of gods  will of peace.
Some people are afraid to ask for help because they don’t feel like they deserve it they feel they need to be Perfect to earn heavens help.
It doesn’t matter how you ask for Heaven’s help but only that you asked for it you can call up on God and Angel through traditional prayer via meditation affirmations and visualisation Or by pouring your honest feelings to heaven in a  to heart conversation.
A simple prayer is as below
Dear God and angels ,I need help with (explain the situation ) I feel (express your feeling)s and ask that you help me and everyone involved thank you and Amen.
God already knows what you need ,how you feel and what you require help with. The reason why you are praying is to release. When you air your feelings you lesson their pent up stress energy .Its like releasing air from a too- full balloon. Discussing your feelings gives u insights into the reason for your upset and can trigger solutions.

Crystal clear intentions

Actually those moments when you are angry are often the ones when prayer instantly answered. The reason is that your frustration helps you funnel and focus on what you’re asking for. The angel of abundance have  taught us the importance of having crystal clear intentions ,this means knowing what you are seeking.
Manifestations are blocked when you keep changing your mind perhaps you are unsure of what will make you happy or you wrestle with feelings of undeservingness. For some people the issue is disbelief .They don’t trust that their wishes could come true.

Let’s discuss how to heal  these barriers:-

Feeling answer of what you want

Its ok if you don’t know the specifics to ask for .You can ask for specific feeling. For example ,you can ask to feel safe financially secure respected fulfilled and so forth. The conditions that yield the feelings will be guided by God’s infinite wisdom.

Fear of asking for the wrong thing

” This ,or something better God”

This prayer avgknowledges that gods will has higher standards for you than you do for yourself .You may be willing to settle for less ,but God who is your loving parent with unlimited resources wills your complete peace.
So ask for what you want but leave a lot of room for God to upgrade your prayer.
If you don’t believe that your prayers will be answered you mean on say those prayers in the first place. Perhaps you were disappointed in the past when your request didn’t manifest.
You can heal this tendency by focusing on all the Times when your prayers were answered. Think about a situation when you were pleasantly surprised because you received what you asked for .Don’t allow big disappointment you blot out all of the smaller miracles that have come your way.
Faith keeps us going through  life’s disappointment. It’s important to keep our faith  alive even when it seems unwarranted.
You increase your faith by asking Archangel Michael ,the angel of courage and strength, to come into your dreams. When you are asleep your ego is also


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