A lonely bicycle


On a beautiful sunny day stood a bicycle against a yellow painted striped wall, waiting to be ridden by its rider, waiting for someone to give it the chance to view the beautiful meadows, the flowers, to feel the air, to see the world as described by its friends the birds and trees.
It was bought by a family one day as a birthday gift to their son, but the  boy never rode it, so it was kept aside where it stood for months now. It had thought this was it, this was its purpose until one day he started hearing tales from its winged friends who would sit on its handle or seat. They had related to it what all they saw everyday, what different experiences they had, places they went flying. All these tales made it desire the same thing, to watch what others can see, hear and feel.

It waited every day for someone to come and ride it, to take it away. Every day it listened to the doors of the houses open and close, saw children come and go across it but no one approached it, no one touched its handles, rang its bell, or sat on the seat.

Today was the same. Another beautiful day. It heard some kids playing nearby. The sun was high in the sky, temperatures were soaring, sky was clear, and the larks called from above. It felt agitated, it wanted to run and see, ride with the larks as they flew above, following the path to wonderment. It looked helplessly at the kids.

He heard the parents call the children for lunch and watched them as they rushed inside not once glancing at it.
It sighed in anger for once again it was left lonely.
He called out to the almighty “why have you made me this way? Why do I need a rider to give me the wings? Why could I have not been a bird? Everyday I wait for someone to take me out, to show me the world I have only heard of from other creatures you created. I wish I could fly for a day, go anywhere and everywhere, to see anything and everything until I can fly no more. I wish”

The bicycle sighed as it vented its anger.
The day was coming to an end, soon the darkness will take over the beautiful day.

So involved was it in its thoughts that it did not hear the children coming out to play again. It was not interested anymore when suddenly it was struck by something hard which bent him crookedly making it loose its balance. It braced itself for the fall afraid that it would be damaged for good and never see the world for even once, when it felt a hand on its bars and handles saving the fall. It was placed back against the wall once again.
It saw the boy pick the ball and go away.
The bicycle was grateful to the boy for saving it. It was just breathing a sigh of relief when it felt the same hands graze its handles, the seat, the bars, the fingers ring its bell and then the boy was sitting on it, pedalling it away from the yellow wall, slowly riding it beyond the gate where it had stood caged. It saw a grey road in front of it, felt the hard concrete under its wheel. It saw the grey hue of the evening sky with a crimson red sun like a dot on a blank canvas. It felt a wisp of air on its bars and handles, heard the rustle of leaves from a tree nearby and then it happened.

The boy was pedaling it speedily down the road, its wheels were turning rapidly, it felt itself shake, the whole body vibrating as it cut through the air slicing it like a knife. It scared him at first and then it felt the excitement, the joy, the power, the fun. It wanted to shout, maybe ring the bell again and again to call its friends, and let them know it was free, it was finally flying when its bell did ring and its rider shrieking with joy too. It felt the boy remove his legs away from the pedal which scared it but then it felt itself speeding still, like it was moving on its own, like it had wings of its own, something it had wanted just today. It was miracle of GOD and it was ever so grateful to that all being for granting its wish.

It felt itself coming to a halt and then he saw the most beautiful vision.

The sun was going down the mountains, the birds were going back home after a long journey and within minutes the sky was black filled with white shiny dots. The world had come to a stand still, the leaves had stopped rustling, the wind was not blowing fast but settled to a calm breeze. The day animals went back to their nests to rest and the night visionaries emerged from their homes.

The bicycle had seen it all now, the day and the night. It thought, that “i have no regrets now, no complaints.”
It was ready to live against the wall forever and dream about today and listen to its friends happily. It wanted no more ,but this was not the end for it was just the beginning for the both of them.

The boy turned out to be a world champion cyclist who rode it everyday, and showed them both new places, new views. Their journey continued for a long time. It saw the boy take his numerous awards as it won every competition riding on it. It saw the boy grow up to become a man who would teach his children how to cycle on it when it was no more capable of going in competitions. It saw the man go to the grave where it also rested and breathed it last breath sleeping along side the man who had chosen the lonely bicycle against a yellow wall, one beautiful sunny day to fulfill their DESTINY.


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  1. themeilinliu says:

    Beautiful! It’s short, sweet and heart touching. Good job!


    1. palki88 says:

      Thank you my love


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