A day at the amusement park



A day at the amusement park.

Visiting the amusement park in my city where I went as a kid with my parents and friends was a whole different experience at this age.

What I presumed were my fears were never mine, but adopted from what I heard from others. 🤔

Everyday I am seeking the child in me for in world of realities and duties, the right and wrong, the emotional tortures, of hurt, of lost love, of pain, of hatred, of vices, I don’t want to loose myself. I want to dream like a child and live like one. I wana love like a child and be loved like one. I wana be selfish forever and do only things that excite me and forever keeps exciting me.

And while I seek, I am loving every bit of this world I am being drawn to, and I am being shown new doors I had not known existed.

The best thing happened to me was me!! For I found myself once again and am continuing to discover myself and my dreams.

I have an amazing life and amazing things happen to me everyday.


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