Geraniums in general have a wide range of symbolisms attached to it. 

It meant stupidity or folly during the Victorian times.

But it can also mean courtliness, elegance, gentility and a peaceful mind.  If we expect to meet with a particular person, we should give them a geranium.

Different classes of geraniums, have different meaning. Some means stupidity, some indicates favor, unexpected meeting. Lastly, geranium also symbolizes true friendship.

Whatever the message we want to convey, we would have to be careful in picking the color of geraniums as a way of conveying your message – without the risk of any misunderstandings.

Geraniums are available in colors like pink, white, purple and blue.

They are so pretty and lovely, any bouquet is empty without these buds peeping from between the other more bigger flowers and yet only with their presence do they bring life.

To hold such fragility is precious.

Very few of us, ever think of fragile people or smaller stuffs.

We always want to know about the richer men, how they got inspired to be where they are but forget about the smaller fragile ones who made many things simpler for us.

Even Albert Einstein said that every day before going to his laboratory, he thanks all those people who made his work easier so that he can simply sit down and start working.
Only with real gratitude towards all the unimportant stuff can we really understand the meaning of bigger thing which we will achieve one day.

So let us hold on to the small things and dream big.

Let us do things and actions, however small they may be but brings in us a sense of satisfaction and joy.

Let us show gratitude to everyone so that we never lose our love for them.

What are we but hundreds of such geraniums who are important, beautiful, fragile and without us everything is incomplete. With this thought let us all be happy and never forget how important and lovely we each individual are.

Just saying this, fills my heart with a warmth and glows my face with smile making me ready for the beautiful, amazing and exciting day ahead.


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