Waiting for the light



The larks were calling, singing prayers to the setting sun, thanking them for another beautiful day while I sat on the bench listening to them.
And as I listened, I waited, waited for my love to come back to me.

And as I waited, I looked at the setting sun. I sighed as the day was ending and my lover was still no where to be seen.

Tears filled my eyes, pain clogged my heart. Another day went and he still did not come.

There amidst the setting sun, the lights were starting to come up, lights from the towers, from the poles. Some larks flew from the tree and perched on the sill of the wall. They were quiet.

I stood along with the larks in peace and looked at the sky.

And as the sky became dark, with lights only from the poles, we turned away to our destinations quietly and with a hope that a new day will bring a new light in our lives.


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