Rumblings of my Mind

Screenshot_20160812-213953~2.pngNo body is right or wrong in this world.
We judge in pain, in anger, in grief, but why should we?
Just because we hurt does not give us the right to throw stones at others.
People change, lives change and change is the only constant of life, but it is this change that we have so much difficulty is getting to.
We want lives to be same. We want lives to be the way we have been living, but in order to move ahead, we need change else we will stay stuck forever.
So, we have to accept it gracefully.
We have to embrace it.
We have to go with it and we will soon find ourselves where we have to be, which may turn out to be where we need to be and may be that is where we always wanted to be.
The question is how to embrace it?
Well, to smile always is the simplest answer. Smile at the problems and they no longer exist.
Know that, every one serves a purpose in someone’s life. When our work is done, we go away.
We are so self involved and egotistical that when we have to go away from a person’s life, we make a huge deal of it.
Because our ego does not take it well. It throws challenges to us. It tells us either bad about the other person or bad about ourselves.
Ego hates being challenged. Ego hates change. Ego is always in fear. So what do we do?
Well, all we have to do is tell the ego, that something is coming up.
Show it, tell it, fool it that this is good, that this is for its benefit only. It may shout, it may throw tantrums at you, but persist, continue telling it.
Once our ego is calm we will have our happiness. So how do we do it?
I have taken Louise. L. Hay’s mirror work and it is really good.
Look deep into your eyes and tell yourself “I love you, I Accept you, I adore you as you are”.
Repeat it as many times as you want to and see the wonder of life.
Loving thyself is not about vanity, arrogance. It is about never criticizing yourself, it is always knowing and telling yourself that you deserve the best no matter what is happening.
Loving ourselves having to always fight for your own right, always taking care of your own happiness, always smiling, always forgiving others.
Allowing the process of life to happen for us. Flowing with life, not resisting anything. Letting all the good to come into your life.
Showing your emotions in positive ways. Always telling your consciousness about its worth. Always having faith in the divine power.
We are all exactly where we have to be, where we need to be. We just need to appreciate all that we have now, so that we can move ahead to next level and appreciate everything we have then.
If we cant appreciate being alive, then how can we appreciate when we have everything we ever wanted. Life is all about humility towards yourself, towards God, towards others.
Being grateful is always important.
Being thankful for all that has been given to us, all that we have, for being alive, for being safe, for being healthy.
Life is also about letting go. We suffer more by keeping in what others made us feel, how someone treated us, how we treated someone.
We have to let go. We did our best then, we are still doing our best. We all are doing our best to survive. All we have to show is compassion and take nothing personally.
We all have to understand each other. Let other person be the way they want to be. Their choices are their own, their freedom are their own.
Their life is their own.

When we can not take any other person dictating our lives, then why do we feel the need to dictate others?
So forgive yourself every time. Forgive others all the time. Forgiveness is always important. Forgiveness helps get you peace. Forgiveness helps you achieve calmness.
Forgiveness frees you from the shackles of life, from despair. Forgiving others makes you compassionate, because when you forgive you know that the other must be suffering too, other did and behaved in the best way one knew how to.
Free yourself of guilt, of pain, of suffering. Love every thing about yourself. Love the whole you, your flaws, accept your flaws and work with them.
Don’t think of them as something you have to do against. Work with your flaw. Be willing. Always be willing. Always be willing to accept everything life has to offer us.
They are meant only to make us more of who we are for every level of life needs a different version of us.
Always know that God always does good for others. We always get what is ours by divine right. We can never have what is not ours by divine right.
So, when we all have what we have by divine right then what comes was ours for that time by divine right, and then what will come to us will also be ours by divine right.
When we have and accept all that is ours by divine right, that is when we reach our destiny. We would have fulfilled our purpose of life.
We all have a purpose to fulfill in this life, for we have been created each one of us, to follow our path, which only we can walk on.
Sometimes when two people meet, their path becomes one, but then again when they part, means its time for them to follow another path.
As hard as we try, we will never be able to follow them on their path, nor ask them to follow ours. We are all connected. We are all one universe.
We are all one for the whole universe resides in us, the infinite intelligence lies within us.
All we have to do is allow that intelligence to speak to us, show us, let it do what it has to do. All this we learn, everything we do, people we are because they are meant to come to our lives.
So allow things to unfold, let it all unfold.

Thank You.

With Love,



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