The mirror never lies

Screenshot_20160504-092616~2Everyday, as I walk past it, i look into it. I see me in it.
Sometimes I see the sad me, sometimes the happy smiling. The days when i find myself sad, i immediately put a smile on my face, and days when
I am happy, i stop for a minute and look into myself into it. This me, I love seeing. This me is always smiling, with ever so dazzled eyes.
I believe the mirror never lies. The mirror is our true best friend. It shows us who we are, how exactly we look like, what makes all of us, US.
The mirror never betrays us, mirror is a witness to our happiness, sadness, success, failure, pain, anger.
The mirror always looks back at us accepting us exactly what and who we are.
The mirror silently observes and absorbs all the kind and unkind word we say to ourselves, for what ever we may think of ourselves,
the mirror never judges us.

Everyday I stand infront of the mirror and talk to myself. I look at my face, my body.
I look deep into my eyes and see my brown eyes. There was a time I was unaware that i had brown eyes unless one day some one pointed out to me.
I was missing this small knowledge because I never really looked myself in the mirror. I always looked at what i would want others to see me as, but i never really looked at MYSELF. Now I look at my flawed face, i look at the black under my eye, i look at the marks on my cheeks, moles all across my face but now whenever i look at the mirror, i see ME. After befriending my mirror, i befriended myself, I learned that a mirror never rejects u just as what we expect from others. The mirror taught me how to never reject myself either. We have always heard since childhood “Charity begins at home”, well why do we stop just at Charity? Why not extend this saying in all aspects of life. Why must not we also say “Love begins at home”, “Friendship begins at home”? But what is home? Is a home the four walls we live in? Is home the flat, apartment, people we live in and with? Home is a place of dwelling as per the Oxford Dictionary. But where do we really dwell? Where is it that we really find peace? In people? in materials? Where?
If we are ill physically, mentally and emotionally, will we like people around us, will we ever be able to provide kindness to all around us? will we be able to accept and enjoy all the luxuries of our him? I believe the answer is NO for me. My home starts within me. Me is what I call my “SELF”.

“SELF” is what i have coined for my Soul. My soul is my home, it is where my peace, my happiness, my kindness, my charity, my love all begins.
A mirror is a reflection of our souls. It tells us, shows us exactly how and what we feel for ourselves, what we think of ourselves. If we look away from the mirror we no longer can see ourselves, similarly if we look away from our own “SELF”, we are no longer know who we are, who we are meant to be. So look, really look at yourself in the mirror, memorize that beautiful face like you will of a lover, like you will the lyrics of your favorite song. Learn to love every contour, every dent, every pimple mark that is present on that face and love your eyes. Our eyes are the windows to our soul. When we do not love ourselves, when we are detached from our “SELF”, we will hesitate seeing ourselves in the eyes, we will look everywhere in the face, at our bodies, around us but the eyes.

So, what happens when we are not connected to this “SELF”?
Well, for if we are disconnected from the “SELF”, we no longer have the wisdom to know what makes us happy, what makes our heart sing and
what is it that we need. Others substance becomes our own wants, our wants becomes our desires, our desires become our passion and our passion leads to our madness which slowly makes us reject our truth. Once we reject the “SELF” truth, we dutifully engross ourselves into actions defined by others for us. Some may provide us momentary happiness, but what about the others? We finally end up catching our own tails, never quite getting it, never quite still, never at peace. We complain, we get irritated, we blame everyone around us where as we are the ones who are to be blamed, for it is we who have moved away from our truth. Imagine a world where all of us are running in circles. Imagine looking from high above and finding circles. How frustrating it sounds to hear, let alone to look at. So let us all stop, stop exactly where we all are. Let us stand still and open our arms. Let us smile,even if forcefully, just smile. Let us look ahead, look at the beautiful blue sky, see the clear blue sky with floating white clouds, with birds flying flapping their wings, hear the larks singing as they fly above the lake, gaining speed and height again and again. Now, taking a deep breath let us say this aloud “I ACCEPT MY SELF EXACTLY AS I AM. I ACCEPT LIFE EXACTLY AS IT IS. I EMBRACE THIS LIFE AND RECEIVE IT WITH LOVE. AND SO IT IS” and JUST FEEL.
Feel our “SELF” coming to life speaking to us, whispering to us,feel being connected to it once again, feel the peace engulf us, feel our minds getting silent from the incessant chatter and let us feel the pleasure of being US. The US that is shown by the MIRROR for the MIRROR never lies.


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