Life is about letting go..

Life is about loving oneself.

It is this journey I embrace.

It is this process I undertake
I March on my path knowing not what is right and what is wrong

I March on my path with life unknown to me.

I March with a heart full of dreams and mind full of questions.

I March along the gravel road seeking answers.
There are thorns, there are serpents, there are wild creatures I know not of.

Fear stops me, pain hurts me, doubts clog my mind.

I move ahead amidst the misty air, amidst the dense clouds of the night.

I bleed , I suffer, I struggle, I scream leaving a trail of me behind.
Quitting will be so easy now I think.

I look back and see bed of roses

But did I not just come from there, I wonder.

I was there yet why did I not feel it.

And then it dawned.
It is I who paved my path

It is I who who will pave it.

Fragrance existed all along, all around me,

It was the cobwebs in my mind that I have to let go.
I smiled and turned around

I smiled some more as I talked to each of my worries, as I talked to each of my troubles.

I smiled as I saw them ebb away slowly from me

And then I laughed, watching the sky.
I laughed for i realised it was perfect all around.

I was always in the garden I had longed to be.


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