The Language of One

She met many, some stayed some left.

She attached herself to the formless forms that left.

She was scared of attachment with those forms that stayed.

She forgot to think about herself

She forgot who really she is.
We meet people every day.

Our day is a series of on going people and matter who are formless.

They are spirits like all of us that move in this realm and continue doing so.

They come in our lives and eventually go away.
Some inspire us, some we inspire.

To some we give, from some we take.

We all have something to offer the other.

We all have something to receive from the other.
We all are perfect

A culmination of flaws and goods in us is wat completes us.

One is empty without the other.

Good does not exist without the evil in us.

Our light shines because of the darkness within.
No one is above us, no one is beyond.

We are all here to learn and give back.

Life does not owe us anything.

We are all life’s dream.
We are not children of our parents but children of life itself.

Not from the parents we come but through them.

We are all one yet we are all different.

We culminate to one form, which in itself has no form.


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