My Clairvoyant and I


Hustling and bustling, I find the water bridges.

Tripping and falling, I cross the ridges.

As I move, whatever I touch it comes alive

Blooming and blossoming, dancing and prancing a jive.

Feeling like a magician on the mountain

Wearing a cape, and pointy hat I stand atop a fountain.

I raise my hands guiding all

To play the symphony of my heart.

Music evolves from brustling and rustling, from cooing and cawing, from squeaking and squawking.

Filling the place, the time, the woods Bringing everything together under one big blue sky.

The sun shone brighter that day

Hide and seek with clouds it played.

Turning itself into disco lights.

Not feeling tired we danced in the night.

Where stars and moon payed us a visit.

Diamonds shone above and beyond

Love now held us in one bond.

And then from somewhere, we were joined by a stranger.

A man of ye height, handsome and burly riding a charger.

He filled the air with excitement

Pausing my breath to my bewilderment.

Attention was captured, eyes got met

He moved forward towards me on the path of roses set.

A spark rose through us as we touched

As Our lips fused, hearts pumped against our breasts.

Music faded away, as I felt myself sway

In his arms I was now, awake and alive.

So this is how it feels to be in love

To lose oneself only to be found.

Together now we created a new hymn

Orchestrating it every day and night.

Peacefully we both lived a thousand years

Loving only each other, forever and ever.

My clairvoyant and I.


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