The Final Magic


I tread through the path I had taken many times.

I knew its crevices in heart.

But stuck with me is its beauty

Drawing me in every evening.

There is love that I have for this place.

A sense of peace, like a mother’s embrace.

This place is like a home to me

I find my friends here and my family

The winds, the birds, trees and sky are all my kin.

Who accepted me as I am, forgiving my every sin.

“I took the road less travelled” at times I recall these Wordsworth’s lines.

But evryday as I return with my heart fulfilled

I am promised yet again of another day, another gift, another prize.

Greedily I went back for one more treat.

Greedily I took all that it offered me and yet I knew some things were hidden from me.

It was only when I surrendered my self to it, did I get the glimpse of its Magic. 


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