A journey to the beyond

Lo the Himalayan range

Lo the white washed mighty peaks

Encased amongst the sea of clouds

A vision I hold

A vision I behold 

At a height of 3000 ft above the ground
I feel someone Calling my name

I see something sitting on the mountain top.

A glint radiates from it

Like a sparkle of a diamond ring.

Drawing me in, drawing me out.
Reality keeps me within,

Universe pulls me without

Coaxing my spirit to rise

Rise above this physical body of mine

Taunting me to stand on the wings of the plane

And jump in the sea towards what is destined.
And suddenly I see myself swimming

A freestyle and butter fly i stroke alternatively.

Moving ahead with agility.

Winds taunt me, birds fly near me singing

Clouds floating beneath me.
Who is it that I heard

Was it real or was I just imagining

But the sparkle grows, luminance at its excellence.

And Then the sun kissed me, letting me know I am welcomed.

As I approached it’s humble abode.
I stood infront of a palace.

Adorned with Jewels and gems that are rare.

On the doorway were two gargoyles

Grotesque by looks but magnificent they stood.

Bowing to them humbly I entered the Himalayan womb.
It’s magnanimity I can’t describe

It’s beauty encased within the words ascribed.

Columns stood erect , Proud and firm

Running thousands of miles without any definition 

Awestruck I moved ahead

Looking north south east and west
 A burly man then met me halfway

One half excited me while the other wanted to run away

He introduced himself with a voice of velvet his name was L’otheraine The keeper of the mountain
Taking my hand gently in his

He took me to a room with a door having a huge Ibis

It opened to a huge garden

Having Lush green grass, trees of all kind and a huge fountain
Acres of abundance was spread in front of me

Here the air was fresh and the atmosphere serene

Music flowed from all around

Of birds and Animals of all kind

This is ur new family said my host to me

This is where you will stay for eternity
I looked at him and then at the garden

A smile broke on my face

Tears filled my eyes

Excitement filled every cell of mine

For here I was in the secret haven
I pranced

I ran

I danced

I swung

I played with all

I dipped my head in the sacred pool

My happiness had no bounds

I was free I was finally alive
And then all stilled

For in front of me stood a huge white grey buck

With horns that looked like a crown

And eyes of emerald and diamonds
I felt no fear as it looked right through me

And then a voice popped in my head

Making me move forward to where it stood

Immediately I bowed somehow knowing I had to

It brought its hands to me

Which I caught in mine for a handshake

I am the king of Himalayas

My name is king Kieth said he

I am the protector and father of every one here

And you are now my daughter too

And then soon after I was taken in a warm embrace

Making me feel at home and safe
I heard someone calling my name again

I opened my eyes with a sweet smile playing on my lips

But to my bewilderment I found my mother in infront

Telling me that we have reached our destination
I looked above and beyond

Round and round

I looked out the windows to find expanse of airport all around

It was just a dream said I to myself

A heart filled with sadness

I got up from my seat 

When I heard a thud sound of some thing dropping

Thinking it to be my mobile I dropped
I bent to pick it up

Only to be once more surprised

For on the floor laid a small love shaped stone made of emerald and rose gold

Telling me that I was really there

Really welcomed to where I belonged and will again after i die


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