Full Moon Night

It’s two at night

 I am up and awake

Feeling all fresh and bright

Emitting rays of gold

To those who have lost their path

In the darkness of their spite
Clouds as dark as my hair engulfs all in sight

And here I am smiling away to glorify all with my dazzling light

I am magic

I am power

I am enigma

I am grace

In day I am like them

At night I am a totally different face
There is a voice that wakes me on this very night

More like a lullaby than a sound of fright

Drawn to it I rise above my body

Becoming one with my one and only
Fulfilling The purpose for which I am born

To love all without any definition of right or wrong

I sleep every night to revel in this celebration

Of my soul and my twin flames culmination
Together we glow in the after math of our love making

Together we shine on everyone hoping for a better life

We sigh a breathe of happiness and relief

Seeing them sleep like a child in peace
The first morning lights shine upon us

Telling it’s time for us to part

But there is no sadness 

For a promise is made to come back together once again on a full moon night


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