It’s just a thought.

The life that I see, the life that we all see

The life that I live, the life that we all live.

What’s the difference. What’s same

What’s the lie, what is the truth.

What is right , what is the wrong

Who is insane and Who is the sane

I ask you once, I ask you twice.

I asked you here , I asked you then

I asked you evry where.
You say,

I am black, you are white

I am boy , you are girl

I am poor, you are rich.

I am Muslim, you are Hindu

I am Allah, you are Ram

I am here and you are there.

I am Pakistani, you are Indian

I am meat eater, you are a vegetarian

We can never be one.

We can never be all.

We can never be there for the good and the fall.

We can never be a complete Puzzle

Never we can be one and whole.
I see you broken, shattered after this

I see you helpless, I see you tired

And then you look at me waiting for my words.

What do I see, you ask.

What is it that you are smiling about, you say

I look at you, as you look back at me

And all at once I know the words that your heart wants to feel but brain wants to do nothing with.

There I see you standing , awaiting with bated breath for every word I may utter.
I say

I am human , you are human

Born from the womb of a woman.

Conceived by the same process are we.

We came in the world crying like a wee baby.
I am soul, you are a soul


We have travelled shores of Universe.

And transcended through time.

To be who we are here and there
I am rainbow, you are a rainbow

Shining after the darkest clouds

Spreading gold of hope all around.
I am love, and so are you

We have been born of it, we live with it, and we die with the same.

Across the border we felt this love for each other, and in this love we promised a together and forever.
We are same , you and Me.

We are one, already.
We have a heart that Beats a Name.

Yours Mine and mine yours.

Eyes that lightens up seeing a face

Yours Mine and mine yours.

That sadden with unshed tears for a pain

Yours Mine and mine yours.

Ears that strain to hear a voice

Yours mine and mine yours.

Lips that awaits a touch.

Yours Mine and mine yours.

Together we are same as we are apart

We are complete as we are.

We are picturesque, we are pieces of a Puzzle and yet we are the Puzzle itself.

We are already Adam and Eve.
Words Hang in the air between you and Me.

Tears Fall from the eyes , yours and mine

There is No Wall, there are No chains

And yet here we are across border of white.

What is seperating us, my eyes question you.

A thought is your answer.

And instantly we both smile

It’s just a thought and it can always be changed.


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