My heart’s desire


My heart skipped a beat as I looked him in his eyes

I saw a love I had been missing

I stood still as he came towards me

My eyes closed and a sigh escaped my lips
Lips fused

Hands entangled

A spark that he and me had within 

Became a fire that would now never recede
Peace engulfed me

My happiness knew no bounds

I was finally one 

With the one my souls recognised
A dream that was between my ears

Came rushing to my consciousness 

I was present in every moment

In every breath he took, in every cell he touched
Golden light flushed my being

I knew my angels were watching

As I became one who was sent to me as a blessing

With whom my soul was now dancing and rejoicing
And in the aftermath 
I waited for emptiness to come

I waited for sorrow to fill

I waited for disgust to settle in

I waited for tear to roll off my eyes
Instead came a happiness

Instead came a feeling of fulfilment

Instead came gratitude 

Instead came a smile
A smile that was in his eyes and mine

A happiness that seem to bounce of me and him

Entangling and growing only to radiate all around us

A fulfilment that our souls were waiting for
Who are we?

Who is he to me?

Is he my karmic mate or my soul mate?

Or is he the one they call a twin flame?
Love they say is to be felt

Love they say is when we start to love ourselves

Love they say is appreciation for one own

Love they say is the communion of everything 
So am I in love?

Or is it my loneliness?

Is it my souls voice?

Or my ravaging hormones?
I know not the answer to my feelings

I know not the reason to be with him

I know not the ways of my mind and my heart

What I know is that I am his and he is mine.
Is love complicated?

Or is it the people?

Is the soul confused?

Or the environment around us?
Does love see the status?

Or is it free of any norms?

Does love know of imperfections?

Or is it the most purest of form?
I have debated on it for day and night

I have asked for guidance from that almighty 

For years I have curbed and followed my rules

For years I have chained my heart into a prison of falsehood
But no more..

To give love to myself is my birthright

To love any man or a woman is my choice

To be happy in life my only purpose, my hearts only desire.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ayon says:

    Such a beautiful lines .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Poetically speaking 😉 intertwined tale of soul & heart ..
    beautiful expression “I was present in every moment..”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shraddha says:

      Thank you 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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