She is like a river 

Ever so flowing, ever so glowing

Sparkling under the sun

A vision to behold by all and none
She is a baby’s breath during day

And a lover’s passion in the night 

She draws in every creature to herself

Whispering words in ears like blows of the wind and 

Like crashes of the tide 
They try to mould her

They try to hold her

But she stays nowehere

She belongs to none
Many a lover comes by

Many a one she loves

They give a dream

They try to make her stay
But can water be held in hands?

Can we catch the wind?

Can we hold the sand in a fist?

Can we pin a cloud?

Can we follow the moonbeam?
Every door is her opening 

Every window her calling

She knows life and it’s meaning

For her, every day is a new beginning 

Every night an ending with a blessing
She lives for none and yet

She loves everyone

She rustles like leaves from season to season

Ever so fresh, ever so new
A music note, a syllable is she

A petal, a thorn, a rock is she

Her touch is gold

She is a diamond, a jewel of every crown
A gardens bloom, a lovers love is she

A pretty face, a heart with beauty and grace

She is pride of nation, a father’s daughter is she

A working woman, a mother and a lullaby is she

She is a beautiful friend, a doting wife is she.
She is all relations, all of them and yet she is nothing

She is only a Woman

God’s Most Beautiful Creation is ‘She’
Happy Women’s Day to all Women out there and to all Men who love their Women

By Shraddha


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  1. Indeed she is ‘She’ 😉

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  2. Loved the essesnce…. Beautifully written..

    Liked by 1 person

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