Who Am I?


Who ever has visited my blog has wondered who the writer is?
Believe me I have wondered about it myself in the wee hours of morning or some days when i am out somewhere walking in a park or merely sitting on the bench.

There are different layers to me, complex layers. The more I simplify things around me, the more complex I get, but I won’t bore you with my theories.

In brief this is who i am —
I am a dreamer, I am not a writer, but expressing myself in the most flamboyant expressions is what I love, is what makes me write my thoughts into this Blog.

I feared expressing myself, feared bringing about these expressions out in the world.

Well I wanted to remain Anonymous, in fact I was Anonymous for three years before a Friend of Mine told me not to.

For him, I came out as “Me”.

Well, the name is still mine in heart and I want to still bring about the essence of this blog and the name I was anonymous with.

The essence of this blog lies in every word I write.

My thoughts are like a small baby sleeping, dreaming away in its own world, knowing nothing of the reality.  Sometimes they are a lullaby allowing us to dream away and  sometime a symbol of a new journey of a new soul.

Sometimes I think of a beautiful bride parting from her parents and moving to a new home. She is crying, sadness engulfs her for a while but as she moves towards her new home, those tears turn into a shimmer in her eyes which now houses new dreams, new relations, a new journey once again.

Yet another symbol of hope, love and life.

And sometimes, I can’t help but wonder the new journey the soul is going to embark after death, the new body, the new adventures it is going to take. For me it’s not an ending but starting of a whole new universal birth, denoting yet another analogy to the essence I am keen on finding.

My blog is all about my dreams, my individuality, my own hypocrisy which sometimes i succumb to, my spiritual journey, my desires, my idea of romance.

All these i term them in my world as “Polka Dots”, numerous yet always one. Different yet always same. And ‘Red’ is colour of everything, one of the basic colours without which nothing can exist.

Hence the name – ‘Redpolkadots’..

Well suffix ’88’ the WordPress gave me 😛 , so why not..

I bring all these emotions to anyone who is reading it in my blog ‘Redpolkadots88’.

Hope you enjoy it .. Happy Reading!!!!